400 people Growing Together in 2 years

A Blueprint that "shares everything equally after compensation - our DNA Model

Here we define the DNA / Growing Together Model whose spirit guides all our money decisions.


Rural Schools and Groups of Schools

  1. No copyright infringement by using mp3 files except for preview.
  2. Spotify premium, or other in offline mode if connectivity is an issue.
  3. Support and Love to one and all. Reports of Goodwill to be meticulously kept.
  4. To spontaneously and progressively use growing together model for successful work style.
  5. Children's creativity to be encouraged.
  6. In place and remote training sessions on a base fee or donation basis. Facilitators time to be valued.
  7. Teachers are strengthened and guru dakshina given as frequently as possible.
  8. Adopt any other ideas that Imran or his network may suggest, on trust.
  9. 1200 per school per year. Half paid out to Rani Venugopal (or other assign) at beginning, rest whenever available or school is happy with results.
  10. Imran may ask for Random Donations or Additional Money as his need and will gauge whether it can be refused or not based on the school or group's sincere goodwill done.

Growth and Healing Spaces

Remunerating Imran and YieldMore.org for starting a space

  1. A one time fee is charged for the training / collaboration. This amount is non refundable.
  2. It would include an amount up front and a montly commitment for 3 to 6 months. In the case of defaulting more than 2 months, the M.o.U. / Contract stands cancelled.
  3. Imran, Yield More or it's assigns will enter the collaboration, each as a "fully comitted" contributing member and his/their time is reckoned by it. Here is where he/they too risk income on the success of the effort.
  4. Charges to Imran/Yield More may be reckoned as expenses in the model, so also rent/lease for places etc.
  5. All these collaborations / the right to conduct classes, programs and trainings will be allowed for one year only from the date of signing the M.o.U. / Contract and will be subject to changes made to the general policies outlined here and solely at the discretion of Imran.
  6. Transparency / a full statement of accounts will be mandated every quarter and monies owed from profits to be paid to all parties from both sides to be paid every month.
  7. Illegal and unethical activities will void the arrangements. Imran will choose an arbitrator in the event some dispute / problem arises.
  8. Taxes will be charged extra as per the statutes and regulations.
  9. Both parties of the collaborations are free to nominate additions to the team and the Trainers and Consultants are always welcome to evolve their roles.
  10. Entities need not always be formed and YM remains for now at least an idea / platform, not a Business or Charity.
  11. All parties are encouraged to donate time / resources to charities and to support all ideas of Yield More and members of the Realms Project.
  12. All content remains owned solely and in totality by Imran and Yield More, even the portions and items contributed by the Team / Collaboration.
  13. Frugality, Thrift, Sustainability and other public and eco friendly practices are encouraged.

Starting a Team / Moving it to the YM DNA

Stipulations, Guidelines and Definitions for Tightly Knit Teams

  1. Effort x Value = Remuneration for that Individual (for that type of work done). Ideas can have an initial value and it's value can be updated as the project enters predetermined phases. This value to be encashed at the end of each phase / pro rata at the time of parting ways.
  2. Revenue - Operations = Income If Income < Remuneration, remuneration is paid first (in ratio of total value to efforts put in) until we are break even. This also, done monthly.
  3. When Income > Remuneration 20% is kept for plough back (reserve) and remaining is distributed equally by all who are on the rolls, to be paid out every month.
  4. Fully Committed While this doesn't mean full time, and in some cases, persons may wish to remain anonymous, fully committed means they have spent atleast 2 weeks actively contributing and that is their "Date of Joining".
  5. Parting Ways Without Dues (or retiring) If 1 lakh is reserve at the time that someone wants out, we factor in months spent to arrive at an exit bonus. If 6 members "fully committed" have together spend X say 30 months with us and the person exiting has spend Y say 10 months with us, then X/Y or 10 / 30 of the reserve is paid out to him or her.
  6. Commissions To be paid for ideas / referrals / business development and may continue even after exit/retirement. With regards to ideas, continuance/percentage may depend on other's contribution to make it viable / whether it's still usable in it's initial form.
  7. Not Break Even At time of Parting Ways. Money to be paid within 6 months. Or half by 12 months, after which it is written off.
  8. Expenses, Essentials and Advances To be handled on a per case basis by majority vote of the entire team except the one requesting it. If deadlocked at 50% vote, the case is passed.
  9. Recognition This to accrue as "remuneration pending" based on worth of the individual's contribution / ideas.
  10. Parting Ways before Payback If X joins tomorrow and receives Y hours of training from the Team in total - they owe back that many hours billable / in exchange for their time, again in 6 or 12 months or written off same as the other Parting Ways clause.
  11. Request to Leave In case of a irreconcilable disagreement or a breach of ethics or non-performing, case is heard and if majority votes so, the person concerned will be asked to leave. Remuneration will still apply except for breach of ethics, and of course, payback too.
  12. Originator of Idea To have it copyrighted in his name and licensed to company, but he cannot simultaneously license it to any person or org who do not follow this same shared-by-all model. Further, he no longer receives commission if, after parting ways, he decides to license others.
  13. Death Nominee to continue receiving commission, remuneration accrued and to be given "Parting Ways" profit at time of 2 years from death of teammate after which, only commission (as per Clause 6) is due. Copyrights to go to nominee and they are invited to join in stead / nominate a replacement team member.
  14. Cap Size and Spawning At formation, a cap size is determined and as the org approaches half it's limit, it starts to think of spawning another org. Idea is to keep spawning orgs in this same shared-by-all model rather than grow to a massive size.

Individuals who Charge

For Trainers and Consultants not part of a space / group

  1. A Consultant is equipped by us to conduct a class, program or training.
  2. A one time fee is charged by Imran, Yield More or any of his asssigns for access to the material, training and expert pool.
  3. The person is free to set their charges and be affiliated to seniors / organizations.
  4. Comissions are kept low. 20% to Imran or Yield More and 20% to the organization (if there is one)

Money Making Possibilities

Facilitator Charges 1000 - 20% to Company, 20% to Imran.

  1. Children - Training - N teachers doing 20 classes a month at 2000 per class => 8k per month per teacher
  2. Spaces - Consulting - N spaces doing 6000 (6 x 1000) per day. 20 working days x 1200. same 20/20 => 2.4 lakhs per month per space
  3. Work - Course - 8000 per day / 5k per person in team. .2 * 8k = 1.6k. 10 consults per month => 1.6 lakhs per 10 consults
  4. Trainer Training - 1000 per month subscription + 40% when using it for training / facilitating. 200 per class x 10 class. 2000 per trainer => numbers keep growing
  5. Amadeus Consulting (only to Life's Missions) - 25 to 50k per website. 10 / 20k per website. Avg 60k per 4 websites 20% => 12k

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